Thursday, August 29, 2013

If I Were A Good Minister . . .

I wonder how many of my clergy colleagues will relate to this.  And how many other folks will have their own versions . . .

If I were a good minister . . .
If I were a real minister . . .

. . . I would:

know what to say about  Miley Cyrus, the 50th anniversary of The March, potential missile strikes against Syria, and the 8th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. . . and water communion;

be able to offer suggestions on how to close the gap between current pledges and needed revenues to fully fund a realistic budget that doesn't just allow us to "muddle through" again (without asking the same people to give more than they are or shaming those who can't);

know how to make that one more phone call, respond to that one more e-mail, have that conversation in the parking lot, and give my family the attention they deserve;

breathe more consciously more often;

 have the words to talk about money in such a way that people realize that it's not just about budgets and obligations and scarcity, but about community, commitment, and generosity;

 be able to help move a meeting along while not only helping people to feel heard but seeing to it  that they actually are;

preach sermons that are insightful, moving, pastoral, prophetic, and funny;

stop comparing myself to other ministers . . .

I'm sure I could think of a thing or two more.  You?

Pax tecum


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Revlahart said...

I hesitate to add to this but have been feeling the weight this last couple of weeks, too. For me it's losing the struggle of awareness of all the many things that I *should* be aware of: white privilege, the power of oppression, the need to be speaking as an advocate all the time.

And I wouldn't be giving up. Feeling the powerlessness.

Anonymous said...

What about taking just a moment to acknowledge via phone call or email a person who has been ill or struggling with an illness...some moment to say you care?

Anonymous said...

You are in my prayers, Erik. "Teacher, Guide, Companion" still speaks to me. Thanks.

arthurrashap said...

Paints a very helpful picture giving perspective, Erik. We all need to acknowledge that we are responsible for everything that happens . . . or doesn't. I deeply appreciate this musing and take responsibility for the range of thoughts and opinions I have had that involve you.
Again, thanks and keep the musings going.
Arthur Rashap

RevWik said...

Thanks for your comments, folks. I've been running around busy which is why I haven't replied yet.

Revlahart -- I'd actually been intending to name that same thing but, when time came to write it slipped my mind. I guess if I were a good minister I'd be able to remember all of the points I wanted to make. (Happens when preaching sometimes, too. Thank goodness for two services!)

Anonymous #1 -- if you're someone from TJMC for whom I did not do such a thing, my apologies, yet that's exactly my point. "Just a moment" is rarely, actually, just a moment. And even when it is there are so many other things vying for that moment. My point is that there are ministers who somehow seem to be able to manage all of those moments with more facility than I. (Although, perhaps, those ministers exist only in imagination . . .)

Anonymous #2 -- thanks. I'm still awfully proud of T,G,C. I'm glad it speaks to you.

arthurashap -- it might be really interesting sometime to talk through those "range of thoughts and opinions." Thank you for the deep way(s) you think about . . . well . . . about everything it seems. (Including me.)