About Erik

"Clown in Contemplation"
is a painting by William Reynolds.
(Used with permission; all rights reserved.)
The Rev. Erik Walker "Wik"  Wikstrom is a husband, the father of two boys, and a Unitarian Universalist minister and author.  In an earlier era of his life he was a magician, juggler, fire eater, and clown.  The intersection, for him, of all of these roles is a deep appreciation of wonder and a desire to see other people rediscover and experience their capacity for awe and delight.

Wik has served three parishes -- in Maine, Massachusetts, and now in Virginia -- for nearly twenty years.  He also served on the Unitarian Universalist Association's national staff, as the first Director of Worship and Music Resources.

Wik has also been proud to have had some success as an author.  His first book was published in 2003.  His latest, his third, in May 2010.  (Many thanks to Skinner House Books for their continued support and faith in me!)

Teacher, Guide, Companion:  rediscovering Jesus in a secular world

"The field of Jesus study needs to broaden so that it is the active pastors, not the professional scholars, who are saying these things. This book will surely help."
~ Bishop John Shelby Spong

"Simply Pray is an excellent and much needed bridge for people who struggle with a way to pray that is authentic to them and their sense of the Holy . . . This book goes a long way toward feeding the hunger of such people with a nourishing spiritual feast. You will not be disappointed . . ."
~ Rev. Dr. Tilden Edwards, Founder of the Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation

Serving with Grace:  lay leadership as a spiritual discipline

". . . a gem of a book." - Thomas Moore, author, Care of the Soul

"It belongs on the shelves of every church library and in the hands of every one of its leaders."- Anne Odin Heller, author, Churchworks: A Well Body Book for Congregations