Monday, August 10, 2015

While I've Been Gone

For the past several weeks I've had the privilege of time away from the congregation I serve for some vacation and some study & personal/professional renewal.  It is quite a gift; one I am truly appreciative of.

I've done several things with this time:

I've driven my boys to various summer camps and "kids college" programs and been able to be truly proud of who they are and what they're doing.

I've done extra duty with the dishwasher and the washing machine and the straightening-up-of-things so that my wife, with whom I usually share such duties, might benefit from my time off by having a little bit of a break over her own.

I've gotten back into photography as a hobby -- I've spent time going over a lot old photographs, editing and organizing them, and I reactivated my old Flickr account so that I have a place to share them.  (I'd really love to hear people's feedback -- even on the photos I've been taking of some of my action figures using green screen and special effects apps!)

And I've been thinking and I've been writing.  Not all that I've written is ready for consumption -- it may never be and that wasn't really the point.  I've needed to get back into the habit, the practice, of writing not just because a bulletin article is due or Sunday's around the corner. 

So while I hesitate to make some kind of "bold declaration" or anything, I do intend to at least strive mighty to publish something here each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Hopefully it will be something worth reading.  (I'd love feedback here, too.)

I began with yesterday's post on the anniversary of the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO.  Waiting in the wings (for Wednesday) is a piece about why words matter and why "political correctness" is really more about "empathic engagement."  On Friday I'll begin a four-part series -- my entry into the perennial UU theist/atheist debate.

I'll continue to post sermon texts here, as well as the "musings" for which I named the blog.  If there's anything in particular you'd like to encourage me to muse on, just drop the suggestion in the comments below.

Pax tecum,

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Debra Boyd said...

Still looking forward to your minister should/shouldn't be chief of staff perspective. Glad you are being called back to this practice. I love reading what you choose to share.

arthurrashap said...

I would love to have your take, Wik, on what those 'protesting' are protesting about and what they hope to see accomplished. This starts with Black Lives Matter. I have been following closely the current political scene relating to those seeking to lead this nation next as its President. It seems they live in a different world than the one that is shown in the media as the tip of the iceberg. What do we do about the mass that lies below? Run this ship of state that we think as unsinkable into it?
Arthur Rashap

RevWik said...

Thanks, Arthur. I will pick that up after having a chance to cogitate a bit.

And Debora, what a nice thing to say. I was thinking about writing a book on that whole radically shared ministry thing, but I'm finding it hard to bring the time and the headspace together. Perhaps I'll take a technique I've seen others use and post chapters of it here over time for feedback.