Tuesday, December 10, 2013

On Holidays & Holy Days

At the congregation I serve we have monthly themes that provide a framework for our Faith Development efforts, including our weekly worship.  This month the theme is "Holidays & Holy Days," and one of the questions we've been dancing with is, "what's the difference?  What makes a holiday a holy day?"

On the first Wednesday of the month my creative co-conspirator, Leia Durland-Jones, and I have been facilitating a program around that month's theme.  As part of our Holidays & Holy Days program we each were given the opportunity to journal about what we'd been discussing.  This is what came up for me:
Holidays.  Holy days.
Days of Turning.  Transformation.
Moments -- mountaintops and valleys;
Highs and lows.  Birth and Death. And choices made.
Roads taken.

To mark.  To know I've marked these times.
Interrupt the everyday.  Break the
Step off the path.
Stand.  Dance.  Weep.  Listen.

We are called by something greater than ourselves . . .
called to something greater.
But it's so damned hard to hear,
so damnably hard to hear,
so god-damned hard to hear.

To hear.
That's what this is about.

Pax tecum,

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arthurrashap said...

Each of these "musings" sparks an openness and challenge to this soul to explore further into the realm of spirituality - what a gift and a good deal of why I am a member of TJMCUU and look forward to these moments.
This one opens me to those moments when I "hear" answers, allow creativity, become more "at one" with other humans, sentient beings, and the myriad of "things" that exist (or are called into existence) in this what we call our world. How to hear so it is not so damned hard?
Get the "I" the ego out of the way, be open, allow.

I don't know if these postings are read by anyone - perhaps there is a better vehicle among those many at the Church where such dialogue can be pursued?????
Arthur Rashap

Anonymous said...

I appreciate your question Arthur and "yes" there needs to be a vehicle to carry on this dialogue with more people. But I appreciate this cyber space so much being so far away from TJMCUU. It generates such hope in me. I thought TJMC would get the "right" minister although the Search Committee I was on was only the first phase. Increasingly I'm persuaded that you've got an exciting process going and I'm grateful for not having to "sever ties" due to distance.

RevWik said...

I don't know if these postings are ready by anyone either, Arthur! (Except maybe for you and Dave!)

I wish that there were more avenues for these conversations, yet there are some -- covenant groups, for instance, jumps immediately to mind. So, too, our FaceBook page, AFD classes, and, believe it or not, the Social Hour. Anything can turn into a moment of real connection.