Friday, June 21, 2013

And Not Only Dolphins . . .

Playing in surf. Photo:
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The title of this post came from something I'd posted on FaceBook.  I'd been with my elder son on his 5th grade field trip to Virginia Beach. (Cool, right?  I love VL Murray!). We'd gone out on a dolphin watch cruise, and I'd posted a couple of photos of the dolphins we saw.  I titled this post "DOLPHINS!"

On the way back in we were treated to the practice session of a squadron of planes for an air show later that weekend.  For a couple of their runs they went directly over our boat!  When I posted about this I wrote, ". . . and not only dolphins!"  One of my friends remarked, "I like any post that begins, 'and not only dolphins!'"  Another suggested that it'd make a great book title.

I'm thinking, maybe, a children's book   One looking at the miracles that surround us every day, those tastes of life's goodness, what a friend of mine calls "love letters from God."  

So, of course, there's the sight of of a family of dolphins, frolicking in the waves.  And not only dolphins, there's:
  • The sight of a  group of Japanese macaques sitting in the hot springs with snow falling around them.
  • The feel of a cup of hot chocolate warming your hands after a long day in the snow. 
  • Sun on your shoulders and a cool breeze on your face. 
  • The smell of salt at the beach. 
  • Getting into bed with fresh cleaned sheets
  • The smell of baking bread . . . or cookies. 
These are some of my ideas.  What are some of yours?

In Gassho,


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Amy said...

The taste of a sun-warmed tomato picked and eaten while sitting in the garden.

Bob Brett said...

The smell of cut grass on a dewy morning.
The view of the mountains.

Lisa Kelly said...

How about the smill of holiday baking?

Lisa Kelly said...

How about also, the smell of fresh basil from the garden?

Martin said...

My golden retriever laying on my lap

Stars on a clear night

Glittering snow

Eating cookies by candlelight

A cold shower on a hot day