Thursday, August 16, 2012

How do I make sense of this?

I want to teach myself to play French Horn again, and jazz horn at that . . .
. . . and the recorder
. . . the harmonica
. . . the bagpipes
. . . the trumpet
. . . and the guitar a little.

I want to make masks and art pieces again . . .
. . . and do photography
. . . and cross stitch
. . . and start carving wood.

I want to take up juggling again . . .
. . . and start jogging
. . . and weight lifting
. . . and tai chi
. . . and bicycling
. . . and unicycling
. . . and walking a tight rope
. . . and hiking in the woods.

I want to study the work of Joseph Campbell . . .
. . . and the new cosmology
. . . and writing
. . . and nutrition/health
. . . and coaching
. . . and the theology of Tielhard de Chardin.

I want to write more of the books I have ideas for . . .
. . . and articles
. . . and slam poetry
. . . and keep my blog up to date.

I want an active prayer life . . .
. . . and to practice a simple life
. . . and to work for justice
. . . and to have balance -- and peace.

I want to earn my living as a writer and public speaker . . .
. . . and a spiritual director/life coach/pastoral counselor
. . . and a church consultant and workshop leader
. . . and, of course, in doing what it is I'm doing right now, right where I'm already doing it.
I want to go fishing with Lester . . .
. . . and build train layouts with Theo
. . . and go on dates with Mary
. . . and have some time with myself
. . . and God.
How do I make sense of all of this?
I don't know.
And yet, I think there's a clue in that "simple life" and that "balance" I'm looking for.  This is way too much for any one lifetime.  The Renaissance was a long time ago, and even then there weren't all that many Renaissance Men.  Perhaps if I were Duncan MacLeod of the clan MacLeod, or one of his ilk, I could make my way through this list. 
But I have . . . maybe . . . another fifty years.  And I guess that means I have some choices to make.  My dad always said to "keep your options open," but that makes it kind of hard to choose.  A "yes" to this is a "no" to that.  (Or, at least a "not yet.")  If it's true that "when one door closes another opens" -- and, for that matter, even if it's not -- it's also true that "when one door opens most of the others close."
"Discernment" it was once called -- the ability to choose between this and that.  This seems to be getting more difficult in this "on demand" world.
Good luck to us all.
In Gassho,
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Pete Armetta said...

As long as we feel that we're spending our time well and happy and grateful for what it is we DO DO, and have a zest for life and the drive and motivation to do even more, I think we're in a good place. No? :)

Anonymous said...

Isn't it great that you have all these wonderful options!

Lynn said...

I think you start with one. Just pick one. Embrace it and see where it goes. If it makes you happy, you won't miss saying no to other things.

This is where Superman has an advantage over the Batman. Flying east to west, he can pick up extra hours every day.

Scott said...

Live gently, one thing at a time, doing/living it well!

Scott said...
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