Thursday, July 26, 2012

To A Weary God

Are You tired, God?
Are You tired of rocking me,
            rocking me,
                        endlessly rocking me,
as You try to comfort my distress?

Are You weary of walking the floor
while I,
                        too tired to know that I’m tired,
            wriggle and writhe,
                        sputter and scream,
                                    all the while looking up at You and saying
                                                “Why aren’t You doing anything to help me?”

Yet there You are,
            gently holding me in Your safe, strong arms,
                        softly kissing my cheek,
                                    blowing Your warm breath over my face
doing everything a parent could do
            and wishing
that I would only stop sputtering
                                    long enough
                                                to see that everything is okay.

Are You tired, God?
            Are You weary, knowing
                        that even if You help me to sleep
                                    I will only wake up in an hour or two
                                                (or less)
                        and we’ll start this whole
                                                over again?

Oh God                                   I’ll try to sleep through the night.

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1 comment:

Erika Hewitt said...

Beautiful, my friend. This prayer opened my heart right up.