Thursday, March 24, 2011

Surrounded by Friendship

I had to drive for a little over an hour to get to the airport for my last trip.  I took with me one of my favorite CDs -- Dane Zane's House Party.  Zanes was once the front man for the band the Del Fuegos, and now has made a new career for himself as quite possibly the hippest purveyor of "children's music."  (Of course, to paraphrase Leo Tolstoy's comment about literature, "There is no such thing as good children's music; there's simply good music.")

One of the songs on this album, written by Cynthia Hopkins, is called "Surrounded by Friendship."  As I listened I found myself musing that St. Francis would have approved . . . and probably would have started singing along. 

Maybe you will, too.

In Gassho,


PS -- You can find more dan zanes albums at Myspace Music , or at Zane's own website.
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Anonymous said...

I love the song. After a career of working with troubled people in a clinical capacity am now semi retired and living in Washington DC. Have a part time job as a "dog walker". One of the dogs is named Crumpet, a beautiful English Setter. I love this dog as he loves to chase squirrels and birds and I find myself entering his world. This song expresses the feelings I experience when "Crump" walks me. Thanks, Dave Dawson

RevWik said...

What a beautiful image, Dave. Thank you. As I walk to my office in Boston on Tuesdays and Thursdays I go through the Common and sometimes just come to a complete stop as I watch a dogs and their human companions playing together.

(I've suggested -- and will expand on it someday -- that the best image for God is not that of a King or even a Divine Parent, but that of a playful puppy.)